Welcome to Cold War Jets. We've recently picked up this site and we're in the process of making some updates to the look and feel. Whilst we're working on this why not have a look around at the information we've added to the site. In particular, we've addded some new content around our favourite jet aircraft from the cold war era. Enjoy and see you soon.

Help Us

Volunteers Required

Help us keep our aircraft running!  were looking for volunteers to help keep the aircraft servicable, if you have an intrest in jet aircraft then contact us, any engineering knowledge is an advantage.  Even people with no engineering knowledge are welcome, our engineers always need help with various aspects of the airframes, the aircraft need constant cleaning and lubrication, greasing up of joints (yes even aircraft seaze up as they get old).

Help Us Keep The Cold war Jet Collection Running!

 Send us your used ink carts! Any of the following carts can be turned into cash to keep us in aviation fuel, oils & greases to keep the collection maintained, please read the note about carts we can’t use, tell your friends, copy this leaflet and give out!


J6301A (Black)
8R7880 (Colour)
8R7881 (Black)
8R7882 (Colour)
8R7883 (Colour)
8R7903 (Black)
8R7904 (Colour)


10N0016 (Black)
10N0026 (Colour)
12A1970 (Black)
12A1975 (Black)
12A1980 (Colour)
12A1985 (Colour)
12A1990 (Photo)
13400HC (Black)
1361400 (Black)
1361760 (Photo)
13619HC (Colour)
1380619 (Colour)
1380620 (Black)
1382050 (Black)
1382060 (Colour)
15M0640 (Black)
17G0050 (Black)
17G0060 (Colour)
18L0032 (Black)
18L0042 (Colour)

Hewlett Packard

HP51625A or No 25 (Colour)
HP51626A\G or No 26 (Black)
HP51629A\G or No 29 (Black)
HP51633M or No 33 (Black)
HP51639A or No 39 (Black)
HP51639C or No 39 (Cyan)
HP51639M or No 39 (Magenta)
HP51639Y or No 39 (Yellow)
HP51640A or No 40 (Black)
HP51640C or No 40 (Cyan)
HP51640M or No 40 (Magenta)
HP51640Y or No 40 (Yellow)
HP51641A or No 41 (Colour)
HP51644C or No 44 (Cyan)
HP51644M or No 44 (Magenta)
HP51644Y or No 44 (Yellow)
HP51645A\G or No 45 (Black)
HP51649A\G or No 49 (Colour)
HP51650C or No 50 (Cyan)
HP51650M or No 50 (Magenta)
HP51650Y or No 50 (Yellow)
C1816A or No 16 (Photo)
C1823A\D or No 23 (Colour)
C4836A or No 11 (Cyan)
C4837A or No 11 (Magenta)
C4838A or No 11 (Yellow)
C4840A or No 10 (Black)
C4841A or No 10 (Cyan)
C4842A or No 10 (Yellow)
C4843A or No 10 (Magenta)
C4844A or No 10 (Black)
C5010A or No 14 (Colour)
C5011A or No 14 (Black)
C6578A\D or No 78 (Colour)
C6614D\N or No 20 (Black)
C6615D\N or No 15 (Black)
C6625A or No 17 (Colour)
C6628A or No 19 (Black)
C6656A or No 56 (Black)
C6657A or No 57 (Colour)
C6658A or No 58 (Photo)
C8727A or No 27 (Black)
C8728A or No 28 (Colour)


FO-21BC (Black)


Type 50 (Black)
Type 120 (Black)


UG3520 (Black)


BC-01 (Black)
BC-02 (Black)
BC-05 (Colour)
BC-06 (Photo)
BC-09 (Flourescent)
BC-20 (Black)
BC-22 (Photo)
BC-23 (Black)
BC-29 (Flourescent)
BC-60 (Black)
BX-2 (Black)
BX-3 (Black)
BX-20 (Black)


IN-700 (Black)
IN-700C (Colour)
IH-955 series (Black)
IH205 series (Black)

Apple Mac

M3240G/A (Black)
M4609G/A (Colour)
M5579G/A (Photo)
M8041G/A (Black)
M8052G/A (Black)

Important Note

Please note we do NOT want the following at present:

Any empty inkjet cartridges where the print head is not fixed to the actual inkjet cartridge, Epson empty inkjet cartridges, Empty laser toner cartridges, mobile phones or telephone accessories, or computer equipment.!