Welcome to Cold War Jets. We've recently picked up this site and we're in the process of making some updates to the look and feel. Whilst we're working on this why not have a look around at the information we've added to the site. In particular, we've addded some new content around our favourite jet aircraft from the cold war era. Enjoy and see you soon.

Open Days

TThe next open day will be on   Sunday 5th September 2004 .

Taxi Runs

High speed taxi runs are expected from the following aircraft form Cold War Jets and LPG Collections at Bruntingthorpe:

Registration                      Type                            Status    

XX900                              Buccaneer S.2B            Servicable

XX894                              Buccaneer S.2B            ???

XR728                              Lightning F.6                 Servicable

XS904                              Lightning F.6                 Servicable

XN584/XM355/XS181         Jet Provost T.3A/T.4      All Servicable

XM715                              Victor K.2                   ???

J-4091                              Hunter F.58                Servicable

G-CPDA                           Comet 4C                   Servicable

1018                                TS-11 Iskra                Servicable

WT333                             Canberra B(I).8(mod)  Servicable

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